• Food Junkie

    Food Junkie wood-fired pizza has arrived and we're doing it in style. Our vintage Citroen Hy 1966 food truck is bringing new flavours and ideas to the street food scene. We're doing this with the help of our traditional wood-fired pizza oven operating at 450 degrees Celsius.
    We use only the finest ingredients, sourcing both our flour and tomatoes from Napoli, Italy. We ferment our pizza dough for 72 hours which allows the key flavours to develop, and results in a light and delicious pizza base. This is all finished off with our unique flavoured toppings, giving you an amazing pizza experience.

  • Wood-fired Pizza Oven

    Our traditional wood-fired pizza oven operates at 450 degrees Celsius. This allows your pizza to be cooked fresh in roughly 90 seconds . The unique charred effect combined with the smokey wood-burned aromas of the fire creates a terrific platform to cook our Food Junkie pizzas.

    Food Junkie Pizza

    Here at Food Junkie we're all about our pizzas. We use Moliono Laqoune "00" flour from Naples, Italy. We patiently allow our dough to ferment for 72 hours, which ensures that the key flavours develop. Top off this with our traditional San Marzano tomatoes and Irish mozzarella and you have the basis for a fantastic pizza.
    At Food Junkie we're doing things a little different. From chorizo to garlic-infused smoked pancetta, roast beetroot to bell peppers, we are pushing the boat with new ideas and fresh flavours. We like to use only the freshest ingredients, which are sourced locally when possible.

    Humble Beginnings

    It all started with our vintage Citroen Hy 1966 van. It has taken a lot of work to get the van into the shape it is now.

    Parties, Events, Weddings

    Food Junkie is ready for any event. From home catering at family occasions and parties, to weddings and corporate events, we can come to you. Not only do you get the chance to have this beauty parked outside, the pizzas that come fresh out of the oven will be topic of everybody's conversation.
    All bookings need to be in advance to avoid disappointment.
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